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Simplify how your

business is run

The collaboration platform that allows you to manage your business better.

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  • What BCSocial will do

    for your business

    Every company is different but we guarantee that your business will benefit from using BCSocial in days. Bring together users and content on a single cloud-based workspace and see productivity accelerate. The simplest project or more complex workflows will be delivered faster and at less cost. Try us.

  • A single place to

    share content

    BCSocial provides a limitless cloud storage space. It can be accessed anywhere on any device, Users can share, comment on and comment in any content. Seek approval and give approval and keep the files and document that your business thrives on flowing through your business.

    The Drive
    Accessed your files on any device from the Drive, from here you can comment, share, get approval and manage different versions of your content. A must have for creative agencies
  • A better way to


    Teams, departments or a whole company can share a BCSocial workspace. Huddle around the content that matters and release the creativity in your business. See projects become idea labs. Add customers and contractors and break down the barriers. It's the platform for the business you want to build.

  • Reduce internal

    email once and for all

    How do we know when BCSocial has worked? We look at your internal email volume. By moving content, conversation and approvals to a platform designed to handle them businesses see a marked reduction in internal email. This is your chance to liberate your company from business as usual and have happier, more productive and effective team-members.

    The Feed
    This is the heartbeat of BCSocial. All comments, announcements, tasks and content are shared and visible to all those who need to see them.
  • An Intranet that

    people actually use

    Imagine an Intranet that pulled together the conversations and content that people are working on with the company updates that everyone needs to know. BCSocial combines static information with dynamic updates to pull staff together around a single content platform. Be informed and inform others in a single system.

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